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Visiting our school you will find five happy and hardworking classes of pupils supported by a determined and driven team; made up of teachers, teaching assistants and dedicated staff whom act as role models, learning mentors and SEN specialists. We pride ourselves in the strong and committed family, of both staff and pupils, that we have at Bethersden. With a broad range of strengths, skills, experience and interests in the school, we are able to support both the continuity and scope of the children’s educational journey; a major benefit in developing the children’s confidence and helping them realise their full potential.

The school provides a stimulating environment for all to work in and we continue to develop and expand our facilities. We are also a proud part of the Tenterden Rural Alliance which provides valuable links and opportunities between both primary and secondary schools in the area. As a school we are committed to the idea of a partnership between home and school and we encourage parents to get involved with both the academic and social aspects of the school.

As the Acting Headteacher at Bethersden, I consider myself very fortunate to be able to contribute to the continued growth and success of the school and it’s greater community. With the ongoing support of governors, staff, the local community and, most importantly, pupils and their families Bethersden Primary School will remain the firm foundation of learning that leads to achieving.

Frazer E. Westmorland
Acting Headteacher


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Do you want to see what we are doing around the school?   Want to be involved in Friends of Bethersden School or the Governing Body? Go to our ‘Bethersden Family’ tab and visit the class pages, pupil favourites, FOBS and Governors tabs.

If there is any information on our website that you would like in paper form, please contact the office on 01233 820479 or alternatively email : office@bethersden.kent.sch.uk.

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