Your views


In response to this question “As a parent or carer what is your opinion of the school?”, the following comments were made:

“It’s a wonderful school; my child is very happy and has settled in really well. They have the personal touch and nothing is too much trouble.”

“All the teachers are very open and so much nicer. The HT is always on the gate and is so supportive, she listens to us.”

“It’s amazing how the HT has pulled the school together.”

“I have four children here and before the whole school felt unkempt, now it has got the loving touch.”

“There’s a big difference now, there is more structure for the children and for the parents.”

“Parents are now told a lot of things and encouraged to join in.”

“I’m a teacher myself and I can see SLT are turning this school around.”

“I’m so pleased with my granddaughter’s learning. We like the Read, Write Inc. work. She is learning so much, reading especially, she is 6 and is reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”


In response to the question “Is there anything you would like to change?”, the following responses were made:

“We wanted a FLO. But the school listened to us and the new FLO is fantastic, she’s very approachable and supportive, in the playground at the beginning and end of the day and makes you feel nothing is too much trouble.”

“We need someone on the road, a lollipop man or woman, the road is so dangerous, children have to dodge around cars to get into school.”

“Yes, bad parking by parents is an issue.”

Action being taken:
Applied for new Road Crossing Patrol – Awaiting Warrant to be issued and training to be carried out.

Action to be taken:
Junior Road Crossing Patrol to Monitor. Polite reminder to parents & taxi service in newsletters etc.