Home Learning


At Bethersden we aim to develop an effective partnership between home and school and encourage pupils to link and extend their learning between the two.

Our approach to setting home-learning is:

  • To build on pupils’ learning and help enable the class teacher and parent/carer to confirm that the child has an understanding of a subject / concept;
  • To help develop a sense of self discipline in the child about completing home based learning;
  • To encourage parental involvement in their child’s learning;
  • That there is an expectation by the teacher that home-learning will be completed properly and on time by the child.

Our Aims

  • To develop an effective partnership between Bethersden and our parents and carers;
  • To consolidate and reinforce basic skills, particularly in writing, reading, spelling and mathematics;
  • To include or use resources for learning at home;
  • To extend school based learning;
  • To enrich the quality of pupils’ learning;
  • To encourage pupils, as they get older, to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, and prepare them for the requirements of secondary school.

Role of the Teacher

  • To consider carefully how the home-learning set complements school learning;
  • To consider carefully how the home-learning set enriches learning;
  • To consider carefully how to make the home-learning set relevant and fun;
  • To ensure that instructions concerning home-learning are clear to all pupils in the class;
  • To respond to home-learning so that it is helpful to all pupils.
  • To ensure home learning is matched to ability

Role of Parents/Carers

  • To provide a suitable place in which their child can do their home-learning;
  • To help their child to organise home-learning routines and time management;
  • To make it clear to their child that they value home-learning and support the school in explaining how it can help their learning;
  • To encourage their child and praise them during home-learning;
  • To offer advice and guidance but not complete work that their child should be doing.


Children will be set 3 home based project tasks each year. This will be introduced over the year by the class teacher to children and parents in a class assembly and presentation once a term.

Additional home-learning may be set for targeted children. There may also be theme related home learning throughout the term.