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F.O.B.S. Summer barbecue and disco

Friends of Bethersden School


F.O.B.S is Bethersden Primary School’s Parent Association, which has a paramount role in supporting the school and fostering a sense of community through organising social and fundraising events throughout the school year.

From school discos and quizzes through to Christmas bazaars and pamper evenings, F.O.B.S has also raised many thousands of pounds that have enabled the school to fund free activities for pupils, ranging from plays presented to the whole school, playtime equipment, online games to support maths skills, new books and library resources and even new I.C.T equipment.

F.O.B.S is an absolute asset to the school and has directly benefited the pupils who learn there each and every year. They are always keen to attract new members and welcome any parent who is interested to contact them via the school office.