Frequently asked questions


What clubs do you run?
We are very fortunate to provide the children with various clubs throughout the week. Our after school activities change from month to month but usually include film, library, cooking and computing clubs, plus at least one sporting activity.

Who is your SENCo?
I would like to introduce myself as the SENCO at Bethersden Primary School. My name is Becky Simmonds and I work on a Wednesday and should be on the gate in the morning – please do come and say hello to me! The new Code of Practice stresses the importance of involving children and their parents in decisions made about their education.  As such, I am keen to work with parents, children and teachers to improve provision for the pupils at Bethersden. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you.

How does your pastoral support assistant help the children?
Our pastoral support programme incorporates therapies such as drawing and talking, lego and sand play, zippy friends, nurture group together with music therapy. These interventions address problems including anger management, self esteem, and building positive relationships. Provision is offered to pupils in an personalised way to meet their individual needs so that they have a positive learning experience, achieve and progress. It well documented that an enhancement in confidence and self-esteem relate immediately to improved discipline and behaviour.

What is Read Write Inc (RWI)?
In July 2015 we became a RWI Model School in Kent.

Read, Write, Inc. Phonics
Read, Write, Inc. Phonics is an inclusive literacy programme for all children learning to read. It is aimed at children from Reception to year 2 and teaches synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to blend them to read and spell. The scheme includes both a reading and a writing focus.
Reading is the key that unlocks the whole curriculum, so the ability to efficiently decode is essential. The RWI sessions are expected to occur each day (9.30-10.30) with no exceptions, as the continuity and pace of the programme is key to accelerating the progress of children’s reading development.

Aims and Objectives.
To teach children to:

  • apply the skill of blending phonemes in order to read words.
  • segment words into their constituent phonemes in order to spell words.
  • learn that blending and segmenting words are reversible processes.
  • read high frequency words that do not conform to regular phonic patterns.
  • read texts and words that are within their phonic capabilities as early as possible.
  • decode texts effortlessly so all their resources can be used to comprehend what they read.
  • spell effortlessly so that all their resources can be directed towards composing their writing.

Teaching and Learning Style
This is based on the 5 Ps:

Praise – Children learn quickly in a positive climate.
Pace – Good pace is essential to the lesson.
Purpose – Every part of the lesson has a specific purpose.
Passion – This is a very prescriptive programme. It is the energy, enthusiasm and passion that teachers put into the lesson that bring the teaching and learning to life!
Participation – A strong feature of RWI lessons is partner work and the partners ‘teaching’ each other (based on research which states that we learn 70% of what we talk about with our partner and 90% of what we teach).

It is important to remember to never give up! Every child can learn to read if you persevere.

What is your admissions policy?
Our admissions policy is in line with the Kent guidance. Please click here to read the full document.

What is the PESE?
Due to having grammar schools in Kent, children can take a test called the Kent test or eleven-plus. This test is taken by children in Year 6 at primary school who will be going to secondary school the following September, and if they pass, they will have the option of applying to go to a Kent grammar school.

A grammar school can only offer a place to a child who has a grammar school assessment. Passing the Kent test does not guarantee that your child will be offered a grammar school place. Grammar schools can become over-subscribed in the same way as other schools.

What catering supplier do you use?
We are very fortunate to have our meals supplied by Pabulum catering located in Homewood school. Please click here to see the current menu and learn a little more about the catering company.