Dinner Menus


We are currently working with Homewood School and their caterers – Pabulum – to provide exciting and tasty meals for every child.

If your child is in Years R-2 they are entitled to a free school meal every day.

Food for Primary Schools
Sometimes the littlest of ladies and gents can be the fussiest of eaters, but this is where Pabulum’s twenty years of healthy eating experience comes into its own. We skilfully steam and simmer and sizzle, so even the particularly picky enjoy some goodness at mealtimes.

Every yummy mouthful served has been lovingly looked at, to make sure it goes above and beyond the Government’s guidelines for nutritional standards, whilst tasting delicious. We only work with suppliers whose guidelines on growing meet our high standards.

We’re passionate about home-grown goodness and our highly trained team of kitchen wizards work tirelessly to cook up a wide-ranging menu of locally sourced, seasonal produce for you and your classes full of hungry tums.

You can see and download our Primary Easter Menu Poster and Primary Menu FM1.