Bethersden Primary School Results 2016

We know you’ll find our academic performance reassuring but we recommend when considering a school for your child you look beyond statistics and think about what kind of school ethos will best meet your child’s needs; not all of which will be captured in statutory test results.

The best way to assess whether we will be the right school for your child is to come and visit us, meet the teachers and talk to the pupils. We hope our website gives you a flavour of what makes Bethersden school so unique but we welcome you to come and find out for yourselves.

Progress and  Attainment

All schools assess children’s progress and attainment against a set of national criteria or tests. As a good school moving towards to outstanding we are always striving to exceed national and local expectations. In smaller village schools we have to look at these figures in the context of reduced and sometimes statistically unviable cohorts.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Pupils achieve a good level of development (GLD) if they achieve the early learning goal in the following areas: Listening and Attention, Understanding, Speaking, Health and self-care, Moving and Handling, Self-confidence and Self Awareness, Managing feelings and Behaviour, Making Relationships, Reading, Writing, Numbers and Shapes, Space, and Measures.

Bethersden’s GLD for our 2016 cohort was 78.3% against 74.8% in Kent and 69.3% nationally.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

At the end of Year 1 pupils take a phonic test to assess if they have achieved an expected level of phonic understanding. The expected standard is to score 32 or greater out of 40. In 2016 76.9% pupils achieved this against 81.6% in Kent and 80.6% nationally.

Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments

At the end of Key Stage 1, pupils are teacher assessed against National curriculum criteria. Pupils are expected to achieve age expected standards. Bethersden pupils achieved 56.3% age expected in reading (Kent – 78.2%/National 74%), 68.8% in writing (Kent – 71.3%/National 65.5%), and 62.5% in maths (Kent – 77.5%/National 72.6%).

Key Stage 2 Tests

At the end of Key Stage 2 pupils are tested and teacher assessed against National Curriculum criteria. Pupils are expected to achieve age expected standards. Bethersden pupils achieved 71.4% age expected in reading (Kent – 69%/National 66%), 78.6% in writing (Kent – 80%/National 74%), and 57.1% in maths (Kent – 71%/National 70%). 29% pupils achieved a high level of attainment in reading and writing and 7% achieved a high level of attainment in maths.

Nationally pupils are measured at the end of Key Stage by progress as well as attainment. Bethersden School’s average progress was -1.2 in reading compared with national floor targets of -7, -0.2 in writing compared with national floor targets of -5 and -2.9 in maths compared with national floor targets of -5.

Schools this year were also given an average scaled score for the whole cohort of pupils. Scaled scores above 100 were considered to be above the expected levels. Bethersden pupils achieved a scaled score of 103.7 in reading and 102 in maths.

Aside from the schools regular internal moderation of data, external moderation of all data is carried out by collaboration schools, across all Ashford schools and through the Kent Assessment and moderation team.