Welcome to Beech Class:

Welcome to Beech class! We are nearing the end of our three week transition period and are feeling happy and confident in our new surroundings! This has been a lovely time for the children to get to know their new classroom, class buddies, teacher and routines before September.

Homework and Spellings:

Children will be given compulsory and optional homework each week, on Friday, to help them develop as learners. The compulsory homework will always be a set of spellings to practise from their RWI teacher. Optional homework will usually be something more creative and open. Please could homework folders be returned to the class by Wednesday at the latest to allow for them to be marked.

New topic:

Our new topic this term will be ‘What a Wonderful World.’ I’m really excited about this science and geography based topic and how it will open up opportunities to learn more about ourselves, our community, our world and where we fit into it all!

Growing into Independent learners:

As some of our children are moving up from key stage one to key stage two, it is really important that we, as a community, support them on that journey to become more independent in their learning. It is with this in mind, that I ask our Beech children to take charge of ensuring they bring in their own reading books, reading records and homework books. It is now their responsibility, (with some guidance!) to check that they have changed their books and have put these into the reading trays in the classroom.

Counting sheep in mathzzzzz….

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